Weleda Advisor

I became a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor in November 2017.

I am in awe of this 101 year old company, set up to provide medicines for an anthroposophical clinic in Switzerland.

Now they are a global organisation producing organic and /or bio-dynamic ‘cosmetics’ the term given to all facial products. Their product range includes soaps, toothpastes, face creams, body lotions, homeopathic creams and remedies, anthroposophical remedies (check out the Copper Lotion for legs if you’re on your feet all day and their variety of solutions for hay-fever sufferers is legendary).

Skin Food is their most famous range; a thick skin cream for skins that are sore, eczema, gardener’s hands etc. This has grown into a range of products. All natural and nourishing. No petroleum ingredients.

I particularly like the way they build long lasting, respectful relationships with their farmer/grower partners. If necessary helping them to become co-operatives, move into organic then bio-dynamic farming methods.

This ethos runs through the whole of their business. Well, I’m only involved in their UK branch. I have seen multiple times that they really truly wish for me to run my Weleda Wellbeing Advisor ‘business’ in a way that resonates with me. They prefer we just share our enthusiasm, no selling. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee for any product purchased through an advisor (like me), should it fail to win your approval. Win: Win.

This is the underpinning tenant of my life (obviously a work in progress!!). So it is my great pleasure to do what I can to introduce you to some of the most elegant, fragrant, effective, clean, all natural and Gaia/Earth digestible products available in the world.

If you live locally to me (Sheffield S8) I can come to your house and take you through the range, with your skin in mind (or your family members). I usually have a good range of samples.

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