Esoteric Healing

I cant remove the flaws or blockages you perceive you have, as this would deprive you of the journey you came here to have. But I can bring insight to help you bring your loving (and not so loving) awareness to them. The goal? To heal the wound; appreciate the gifts they have brought you; then put the burden down and step forwards into life, lighter and stronger.

My Esoteric Healing sessions are an opportunity to dive deeply into ‘what next’ and ‘whats in the way’. We start by using your body as a map to offer you insight into where you are at with: shame, your sexuality, anger, rage, guilt, self love, control. Then you’ll journey to work with some of those insights. We’ll finish off with a healing session working generally or with specific ailments, as necessary.

This form of healing is one branch of the metaphysical journey I’ve been exploring.

Other nodes of interest are: Power and Recapitulation.

We are mini Gods and Goddesses, so why are we wandering around in the mire hoping others with make the changes we see are needed in the world? We give our power away willy nilly, with our wandering attention spans, our jealousy, blame and shame. You get the picture. Over the past 20 years I’ve used ritual (Reclaim your Power and Cut the Cords that Bind et al.) and Recapitulation, from the Don Juan/Castaneda stable of shamanism. I can take you on a journey to reclaim your power and help you set up a homework program for you to carry on the process at home.

I’ve trained in Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem. I rarely do attunements now, but the energy work is incorporated into all my sessions.