After 22 years as a therapist, my offerings change as I grow in awareness and understanding of the process of healing, as well as with my passions.

I’m currently offering: Esoteric healing; Energy Healing; Muscle Activation (Be Activated); myo-fascial release; and studies in personal power. I am also a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor. They can be booked as standalone therapies, or more holistically, bring your curiosity and lets see what combination would serve you best on the day. There may be homework!

I weave aromatherapy and massage into some of these sessions, although I no longer offer pure massage appointments.

Energy Healing: Human beings are many layered creatures. All of which are interconnected, however work at the more subtle layers is often ignored and issues here affect the whole being. Addressing issues at this level means they dont have to become manifest in our more physical aspects. At its most simple, you are having your more physical selves re-aligned with your more subtle selves and to the All-that-Is (whatever that is).

Esoteric Healing: Bring your awareness to what is holding you back from singing your souls song; as well as connecting you to additional inner resources and the energy to work on them, should you wish to. This process uses your physical body as a map to be interpreted, providing you with feedback as to where you are on your journey with anger, shame, your sexuality, self care, self-pity, self-sabotage, to name a few. If you are ready for a jump start, or some clarity about where next to put your focus, some help you get back on your path, this work is powerful. Initial sessions are one & a half hours or two hours long.

Be Activated: Muscle Activation for Resilience. This system emerged as a diagnostic tool for physios and the like. The body has two priorities: to breath and to move. Life leads to compensationary patterns and these lead to limitation in our capacity for good breath and ease of movement.

If you’re experiencing fatigue, overwhelm or a general decline in your body’s ability to engage with life & to have fun; this system will help you breath better and move more easily. Putting you back into your core, where life feels so much more manageable.

If you are experiencing discomfort, pain and non-impact injuries say to the knee, shoulder or ankle that don’t go away despite treatment, this system can root out the base cause. I don’t use it as a diagnostic tool (I can point you to those that do though), I show you how to do the activations yourself as well as showing your body and mind how effective it is. The results are immediate. My focus is to share the Be Activated essentials with you, for you to take home and build them into your self-care routine.

Likewise if you are feeling strong and centered but know there is even MORE inside you, you’ll love this process. And its so simple. I run regular Be Activated: the Basics 2 hours workshops. See here .

I also run one to one sessions. To book a session call me on 07776091439 or email

Myo-fascial work is a bit of a new buzz word. This is because we can no-longer ignore the importance to our health of our fascia and connective tissue. The very stuff that weaves through our physical structure, linking our heel bones to your blood vessels, to our inner ears, to our scalp. Our sore foot to our cranky lower back to our migraines. Its all connected and now you can physically see it.

Studies in personal power: The bedrock of my energy world is how much power I have access to. Where do I give it away, where do I steal it? Join me to learn about personal power and how to reclaim yours, return whats not yours, from a place of gratitude for the lessons learned. As humans we are here to make mistakes and to learn from them. Its not about judgement and blame (although we live in a system that is seeped in this). Come and learn about the games we play and how you can contribute to creating a world where making mistakes and learning and growing and changing; is the norm. Individual sessions and workshops.

Aromatherapy Massage: I no longer offer pure massage sessions. However it will be woven into the Energy Healing sessions and Myo-Fascial Release as needed.

I tailor each session to your needs on the day. I weave a heady concoction of energy work (reiki & seichem; neuro-lymphatic points & acupressure points); traditional massage; modern bodywork techniques (myo-fascial release, muscle activation, trigger points, rocking); my experiences of spiritual tan-tra, meditation, dance, movement and breathwork practices; along with aromatic and herbal blends crafted for you on the day.

My primary aim is to help you remember how to relax. This is not only a physical process but a deeply emotionally nourishing one too. Rest assured your pain and tensions will be cared for too.

I am also a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor: born in 1921 Weleda is the original, all natural, Gaia friendly cosmetics and health care company. They continue to spearhead the global clean-beauty and sustainability-in-beauty movement. A consultation with me is free-of-charge.

All consultations are free of charge with no obligation to buy, really; and any purchase though me, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Their stuff is amazing and my home is full of it. Its a no brainer for me: when we commit as individuals to only spending our money on Gaia friendly things such as having eco-products in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, our wardrobes etc, it is one small but significant step closer to giving Earth the care she needs. One step closer to having a planetary home that is a comfortable one, for all species.

Contact me for a free 15 minute phone* consultation to discuss your particular needs. If I don’t feel that I can help you, I will do my best to point you towards a suitable therapy and therapist. * If you struggle with the phone, perhaps a series of emails might work?

I hope you find the information that you are looking for. If not, please email me on or phone me on 07776091439.