About Jo

Jo Brierley

Since I was little I’ve loved being outside, I spent much of my childhood abroad, the most memorable years in Bahrain, a tiny island in the Arabian/Persian Gulf. Climbing trees and wandering around barefoot

I learnt to ski age 4 and this passion drove me to spend two winters working and skiing in the French Alps. It also influenced my decision to live in Glasgow and spending my weekends in the hills and mountains. I trained to be a ski patroller which kept me cold and wet for unending weekends in the highlands.

My sister was into yoga and meditation and it rubbed off on me and my mum. My first yoga teacher was in Glasgow back in the early 90’s, she opened my eyes to not only yoga but to the beginnings of meditation and relaxation. Moving to Sheffield in the mid 90’s felt like coming home. Such a friendly, connected place. The Peak satisfied my then passion for climbing and now its where I go to unravel stuff and stretch my body and lungs.

I discovered aromatherapy again through my sister who sent me some Geranium essential oil. Even though I thought it smelled horrid it lit a fire for these little treasures that continues through to today. They started me on my journey to be a therapist.

When my dad died suddenly in 2000 I got to use my Aromatherapy and Energy work skills on myself to good effect. My responses to strong emotions were very unhealthy in those days and most of my grief was expressed through pain in my body: subsequently I’ve experienced many different forms of therapy on my journey to balance. Some subtle like EFT or cranio-sacral, some not so, such as chiropractic or the year long Shamanic healing techniques course I did. If I don’t think I can help a client I can usually point them in a useful direction with recommendations too.

My most recent professional venture consists of exploring our fascia. This fascinating web of collagen weaves throughout our entire body: through cells, organs, it carries the blood vessels, go check it out online. Personally I’ve experienced the work: initially through Rolfing, then through Trigger Point Massage, which I incorporated in my massage work in the 2000’s & 10’s. Around 2019 I discovered the John Barnes method of myo-fascial release. Subtle, powerful and deeep. I’ve been totally impressed with the space that this work has created in my body. I’ve begun professional training in this method. Watch this space!

My massage work took a massive shift in 2013 and I now work more gently, yet I address sites of stress and pain. And we go deep.

One of the most impressive subtle processes I’ve experienced and trained in is Family Constellations. This model uses The Field to inform us about constrictions in flow of Love through a family or organisational system. Its powerful and slightly mind bendy. If you are experiencing constrictions in your family or work or community, come and explore this using Systems and Family Constellations.

Yoga continues to be a bedrock in my life and I’ve returned to Qi Gung after many years absence. I highly recommend finding a physical~spiritual practice that suits you. Take time to find the right form and teacher. My current journey is into self-acceptance, of myself and others, in all our glory!