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Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth "You owe me." 

Look what happens with love like that, it lights the whole sky.  Hafiz


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Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki by Jo Brierley of Sheffield

A day of ritual and deep connection:

Shamanic Freedom and Power Up! Sunday 15th November 2015.

Facilitated by Katie Chalis and myself.
Venue: Airy Fairy, Goddess Temple. 10am til 5.30pm.

The focus of the day is to gain insights into our current conundrums by accessing the deep wisdom & compassion of Spirit, then diving deep into forgiveness and cord cutting. The rituals will be interspersed with music, dance, qi-gong and anything else that seems to suit the mood. Expect to leave with more love for yourself and your neighbours!

Katie Challis, who uses techniques from the Sundoor lineage, Sandra Ingerman & Celtic Shaman Stephen Mulhearne, will lead us into the Spirit Council. I will be teaching and leading us into Cord Cutting.

Cost £25.00.   Please contact us if financial constraints are blocking you from joining us.
The cafe will be closed that day, so bring your own lunch.  

To book email or phone me on 0777 609 1439.

What is Shamanism?

For me, Shamanism means recognising that the One-spirit of God is alive in every aspect of our world. Understanding that energy enlivens not only the human, but all living things including animals, birds, microbes, plants, soil, the rock beneath the soil, everything. Recognising also that there is more to our reality than just what we can see. A person on a shamanic path will learn how to communicate with the energies of spirits and other realms. These relationships can be used for personal growth, healing or the evolution of our species. (Contact me to book an appointment).

I am not a Shamanka, but I have trained in shamanic healing techniques and I use some of them as part of my basic healing work. I work with the energies of earth, air, fire, water and ice. Additionally, I have built relationships with trees, dragons, angels, animals, fairies, crystals/minerals. My most often used shamanic tool is Reclaiming our Power and Cutting the Cords that Bind. Essentially a ritual of forgiveness and separation from the sticky, unhealthy aspects of relationship; whilst retaining the loving, healthy bits. For dates of the next workshops see Workshops

What to expect from a healing appointment.  

I create an energetically safe place for us to work in, then I call in the energies that I work with and let them do the work that they deem necessary. Experience has show me that the best I can do for my clients is get out of the way and let these awe inspiring energies/beings do their work for you….for the highest possible good and the best possible outcome. 

Sessions can be fluid with me sharing/showing you some exercises that open/strengthen your energetic bodies. We may find ourselves shaking to some fine tunes. I hasten to add that this will all be an invitation only. You only do what your agree to. Come in loose, comfy clothing that you can move around in.

Appointments usually last an hour and a half. 

Clients have experienced everything from subtle shifts in perception to profound healings and transformation. Consistently clients report feeling incredibly calm, centred and lighter. Sometimes they report seeing lots of colours or going on meaningful journeys in their imaginations. Modern neuroscience proves that our imaginations and our bodies are deeply connected. See the links page for more info. 

At all times you are in control and can ask to have the session stopped. More often than not I am simply a catalyst for release of old patterns that you are ready to let go of. If your life isn’t working for you, then a healing session may well be the beginning of a new way forwards.

Where it is appropriate for the client to be more involved in the process, we work together in a more interactive way using ritual, visualisation, meditation, movement, breathwork, mantra and voice. I teach my clients tools that they can use, easily and safely, at home to enable them to progress as they wish, at their own pace.

Some history.

Britain does have its own indigenous spiritual/sacred culture, but much of this knowledge was lost (or driven underground) during the past few hundred years, for a variety of reasons. Hence we borrow from cultures that still have their lineage intact. I prefer not to use the words Shamanka (the feminine) and Shaman as these refer to a level of integrity with the spirit world that I don‘t yet possess (if indeed I ever will), but they do seem to be coming common parlance.

In ‘de olden days’ I might have been called Wise Woman, Witch, Druid, Hedgerider or Healer. Each one a profound path in its own right. I chose to learn to sense energy and to communicate & build relations with some non-human spirits. Life runs much more smoothly with so many friends & allies.

My Shamanic Training

Although I was already doing energy work in an intuitive way with my massage clients, my formal training began in 2000 with an element based form of Reiki (Japanese for life-force) called Tera-Mai Seichem (see Reiki and Seichem). I trained with this system through to it’s then highest level, Seichem Master/Teacher. I was introduced to Shaman Peter Aziz in Buckfast, Devon, (2003-6) with whom I studied shamanic healing techniques, met and began my association with the fairy realm, dragon and crystal energy. I qualified as a Tethatu practitioner level 1. This level felt sufficient for the work I wanted to do.

Needing a mentor and wanting to integrate my knowledge, I chose earth shaman, druid and psychic, Jamie Blackwater, who’s based near Loughborough, in 2008. He took me back to basics enabling me to develop a personal relationship with the elements (now including Ice in the mix which is amazing for clarity, but not for too long!!) and we deepened my connection to the fairy realm.

Since then I have explored and deepened my experience of the One energy that some call Love, God or Allah, through a Sufi practise. Polishing my heart, all the better to reflect your beauty. My journey continues to take twists and turns as I deepen my awareness of myself, the other and this mystery we call Life.

Popular topics.

Protection is a frequent topic. There are many ways in which to ‘protect’ yourself from ‘negative’ energies. This is a complex subject, the study and practice of which usually leads to the raising of ones consciousness. There are simple tools for beginners and these can be developed as the student/clients gains power and awareness. My  current practise is to divert energies I find challenging or to 'allow' them to move through me, but completely. Any stickiness that arises is often an area of the self to explore and new awareness gained and often new boundaries developed. Essentially, as I currently understand it, the aim is to be a being of light, radiating strongly from our core outwards. This, whilst being highly attractive, is also the most powerful position to interact from. Always in the flow, moving outwards, always clearing. 

Personal Power, the use and abuse there of, is my favourite topic. We start by learning a ritual to focus awareness on personal energies and how we use them to manipulate the world around us. Forgiveness, Gratitude and Giving are key topics here too. These topics are covered in a workshop called Reclaim Your Power and Cut the Cords that Bind  (see Workshops).


A full treatment fee will be charged, at the discretion of the practitioner, in the event of a missed appointment or one cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.