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Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth "You owe me." 

Look what happens with love like that, it lights the whole sky.  Hafiz


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Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki by Jo Brierley of Sheffield

Workshops Diary

Saturday 30th September 2017:   To book & pay a deposit Click Here
Family & Organisational Constellations Workshop, Sat 30th Sept, Sheffield.
   To book & pay a deposit Click Here


Level I Reiki and Seichem
. (available from March 2016).
Ideal for one-to-one work with me.

The format of this workshop is different to previous ones. It takes place, in the Peak District (day 1) and Sheffield (S2 or S7 for Days 2, 3 & 4), on 4 separate  4 hour 'days', each around a month apart.
Cost: £250 including on going support and manuals.

To receive your Tera Mai Reiki I, Seichem I & the Violet Flame Attunements and certificate, you need to attend all four, unless by previous arrangement with me.

Day 1 is all about connecting to ourselves, each other and then the Elements that are embedded in the attunements. Part of this day is held in the Peak District, in woodlands, near water. It is deeply connecting and relaxing. You'll learn some simple but powerful techniques for clearing your energy, raising it, playing with it and making powerful connections to the guiding energies in nature.
Day 2 is the Reiki I attunement. We will continue to embed self care and healing techniques, protection and do a Reiki share.
Day 3 is the Seichem I attunement. With more teaching, sharings and practising doing Reiki on each other.
Day 4 is the Violet Flame attunement. The Universe's desire to evolve :-) plus more of the above.

The emphasis is on deepening your connection to the Divine and embedding useful tools for a journey into expanding your self awareness. The journey is satisfying and fun but can be rocky, hence the tools. There is a 21 day clearing cycle after each of the Reiki and Seichem attunements. There will be homework.


Spring 2016

Level I Reiki and Seichem
Sundays 13th March, 17th April & 15th May 2016:

The format of this workshop is different to previous ones. It takes place, in Sheffield, on 3 Sundays, each around a month apart.

Sundays 13th March, 17th April & 15th May 2016.

To receive your Tera Mai Seichem I & the Violet Flame Attunements and certificate you need to attend all three, unless by previous arrangement with me.

Existing Tera-Mai'ers: If you wish to be re-attuned to Seichem I, you are very welcome to join us on Sunday April 17th, for a donation of your choosing.

All Healers, whatever your path
: If you wish to spend an afternoon giving and receiving energy and practising and sharing different healing techniques; you are welcome to join us on the afternoon of Sunday May 15th, for a donation of your choosing.

Cost: £150.   Some bursaries available. Venue: The Goddess Temple and Garden at Airy Fairy, Sharrow, Sheffield.
10am-5.30pm each day. Please bring your own food. Drinks and healthy snacks will be provided.


Day 1: All about self-love and self-care; a grounding in useful tools necessary for the journey ahead.
I will be sharing my favourite ways in which I steady myself in times of confusion and upheaval. This includes shaking, meditating, speaking from the heart, journal writing, oracle cards, ritual and be-friending my shadow.
Day 2: the Tera-Mai Seichem Level I and the Violet Flame Attunement. You will be learning how you feel and channel energy, as it is different for everyone.
Day 3: An opportunity to share your journey so far with like-minded souls, supporting you. In the afternoon,  you will be learning specific healing techniques & practising everything that you’ve learned.

Some parts of this program are open to existing Tera-Mai'ers or other Healers. You are invited to bring your experience, your stories and your good energy; to contribute to creating a safe and open place for all of us to share and  explore our vulnerabilities together. This is a good opportunity for those of you who are considering progressing to work with Reiki in a professional setting either as Healer or Teacher.

Why have so much time between sessions?
For a tool to become available without delay, in times of crises, great loss and confusion: it needs to be learned, used and embedded.. I hope that you will use the time inbetween our days together to do just this. Reiki and all the other things we will explore together are gentle and subtle but powerfully transformational. If we let them.

I plan for us to have fun together as we venture into the world of healing & growth; & more specifically tasting the energies that make up our Universe. Reiki (Earth), Angelic-lite (Air), Sakara (Fire) and Sophie-El (Water) and the Violet Flame.

To book please contact me via:  or   0777 609 1439. Also on Facebook.


Shamanic Freedom and Power Up! Sunday 15th November 2015.

Facilitated by Katie Chalis and myself.
Venue: Airy Fairy, Goddess Temple. 10am til 5.30pm.

The focus of the day is to gain insights into our current conundrums by accessing the deep wisdom & compassion of Spirit, then diving deep into forgiveness and cord cutting. The rituals will be interspersed with music, dance, qi-gong and anything else that seems to suit the mood. Expect to leave with more love for yourself and your neighbours!

Katie Challis, who uses techniques from the Sundoor lineage, Sandra Ingerman & Celtic Shaman Stephen Mulhearne, will lead us into the Spirit Council. I will be teaching and leading us into Cord Cutting.

Cost £25.00.   Please contact us if financial constraints are blocking you from joining us.
The cafe will be closed that day, so bring your own lunch.  

To book email or phone me on 0777 609 1439.

Exploring Intuition, Saturday 25th October, 2015.

Co-facilitated by myself and the Tarot Reader Fiona Carruth, who works regularly from Airy Fairy.
Venue: Airy Fairy, Goddess Temple. 10am til 6pm

What is Intuition? I consider it my Inner Direction Finder.
Some call it their Higher Self, the wisest part of themselves. It has been described as our unique connection to the Universe / Life / Greater Consciousness / the Creatrix (the primal creative energy).

Imagine if we could all access and trust our intuition? Imagine if we made all our decisions with this as our inner guide, supported by knowledge gained through experience, reflection and learning (our rational mind). Experience tells me, we would all be living lives that are much aligned to that which brings us joy and peace. Qualities that are very much needed on the Planet right now. 

This day will be dedicated to helping you find, experience and work with your own intuition. Our Intuition is unique to us, so there are no hard and fast rules here, but we'll be using shaking, dancing, movement, sharing, journeying, our imaginations and stillness to find our way through.

We all use our intuition freely as children, before the fear and programming set in. Our aim is to de-mystify the 'psychic' or subtle senses and to show that we all have them. Fiona will be sharing with us her personal process for connecting with her higher self and she will be using tarot and oracle cards as her primary tool for the day. But as there are many other 'clairs' i.e. all the senses have their own form of inner expression, we will be working with other tools where appropriate. 

This is limited to 10 places. Cost: £25. No experience necessary. Some concessions available upon arrangement.

Workshop times are 10am - 6pm. Please arrive by 9:45am so we can start promptly and make the most of our time together.

For lunch you can eat at Airy Fairy's own Cafe, choose from one of the many other local cafes or bring your own. We will break from Noon to 1.30pm as the venue, the Goddess Temple, is open to the public every lunchtime.

Fi Carruth is an artist and a Tarot Reader among other things. She works regularly at Airy Fairy and does events, parties and distant

Jo Brierley has over 15 years experience as a professional Aromatherapist & Energy Worker. She works with nature spirits and Angels and has run workshops sharing her passion for Spirit and personal development. Jo is the creator and facilitator of Good Morning Rave, a conscious clubbing event on Saturday mornings in Sheffield. She has a deep love of nature; climbs rocks and trees and has a strong yoga practice. She has a down to earth, insightful & entertaining approach.

To book or for a chat please contact:

Jo via 0777 609 1439 or email

Fiona on 07507 465 643 or email her on

You can book directly with Airy Fairy too.
The shop is open 11am til 5.30pm Mon-Sat. Tel: 0114 249 2090. A £10 deposit secures your place.

Directions to Airy Fairy can be found here.


Seichem I Attunement: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th August 2015, 10am-5pm both days. Plus an evening 21 days later (approx.) to re-connect, check-in and practise channelling.
The attunement initiates a 21 days clearing process, so it is important that you are a) aware of this and b) begin to prepare your body and mind. For further information on this see the end of the Reiki and Seichem page.
I haven't got a pdf of the flyer yet, so below is the text from it.
Hope to meet some new beautiful souls.

Do you have a desire to evolve, to heal?

Do you have an urge to be more fully present, to connect more deeply
with yourself and others?

Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem, Level I Attunement 

This will be a beautiful weekend* spent with like-minded souls, attuning to the transformational energies of Reiki and Seichem. We will also be remembering & practising some useful tools for the journey ahead, as we explore the subtle and not so subtle realms of personal transformation, energy, healing and love.

We’ll be shaking, dancing, working alone and in pairs, meditating and sharing as we venture into the world of healing and growth & more specifically tasting the energies of Reiki (Earth), Angelic-lite (Air), Sakara (Fire) and Sophie-El (Water) and the Violet Flame.

We will be enquiring into what we mean by the terms: waking up, consciousness, connectedness, healing, higher vibration, chakras, spirit, channelling & protection: to name but a few. 

*Included in the price is telephone support for you plus an evening together, around 3 weeks later, at a time of our choosing; where the group returns for re-connection, sharing and practice.

Saturday & Sunday, 8th & 9th of August, 2015.
10am - 5pm each day.                Price: £120.

Venue: The beautiful Goddess Temple & garden at Airy Fairy in Sharrow.

Jo Brierley has been facilitating workshops since 2003 (Tera Mai Seichem, Reclaim Your Power, Anahata & Connect to Spirit). She has over 15 years experience as a professional Aromatherapist & Energy Worker. Jo is the creator and facilitator of Good Morning Rave, a conscious clubbing event on Saturday mornings in Sheffield. She has a deep love of nature; climbs rocks and trees and has a strong yoga practice. She has a down to earth, insightful & entertaining approach.


Some info on previous workshops:

Seichem I, top  up or re-attunement. June 2014, £20, a lovely day together in the garden sharing useful spiritual tools and being re-attuned, then doing Reiki on each other.
Reclaim Your Power & Cut the Cords that Bind.

Wednesday 11th June, 7 - 10pm in Sheffield, S3. Cost £10. (If that is too much of a stretch currently get in touch to discuss an appropriate exchange.)
An evening discussing and working with the power cables that we feed others and ourselves by; through the act of inter-relating. As so often our behavoirs are unconscious this is a great tool for gently bringing them into the light for re-assessment and re-framing. For more info see the Shamanic Healing page.

Reiki 1 and Seichem 1 plus the Violet Flame attunement:

9 week course running one evening, weekly.

This course is a good introduction to healing and energy work, with an emphasis on personal responsibility. Guided journeys and the actual attunements will connect you to helpful loving energies and the time spent in the group will offer you support through the transformation that this work initiates.

By meeting over this 9 week period, there is opportunity to learn and embed essential tools for  healthy and graceful growth. The Reiki and Seichem attunements bring the gifts of: opening you up to spirit; raising your vibration; and they initiate a 21 day energetic clearing opportunity.

The course will also include:

Simple meditation techniques.

Self awareness work.

Exercises to strengthen your energy body prior to the attunements.

Looking at the four different energies that make up Reiki and Seichem.

Guided journeys to meet each of the elements, so that you begin to develop a personal relationship with each one.

Healing: what is it and how does it really happen. Do miracles really happen? Different styles of healing including self-healing.

Protection: what is it and why do we do it and DO we really need it? 

Grounding work, to keep it real.

Lots of channelling energy into yourself and your class mates.

Learning how YOU channel, your personal style.

Angels, what are they and how to work with them.

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