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Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth "You owe me." 

Look what happens with love like that, it lights the whole sky.  Hafiz


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Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki by Jo Brierley of Sheffield

Reiki & Seichem Energy Work: Appointment Information

I am available via the telephone for an initial free 15min consulation. 

Please note: my prices are on a scale for those on lower thro medium to higher incomes. Please see my Prices page for more information if you'd like to understand why.

1 hour appt: £25 - £40 - £55. 

1 & ½ hour appt: This includes approx 50 mins energy work; time to unwind & identify the focus for the work at the beginning; time at the end to rest on the couch to assimilate the work and reflect should you wish too. £35 - £55 - £75. 

2 hour appt: £45 - £70 - £95

Prices are income dependent. Please see my Prices page for more info.
To book please phone me on 07776091439 or  email me on

Reiki & Seichem Attunements: for personal growth and a deepening of your connection with the Divine.

Level I Reiki and Seichem

The emphasis is on deepening your connection to the Divine and embedding useful tools for a journey into growing self awareness. The journey is satisfying and fun but can be rocky, hence the tools. There is a 21 day clearing cycle after each of the Reiki and Seichem attunements. There will be homework.

The format of this workshop is different. It takes place, in the Peak District (day 1) and Sheffield (in S7 or at your home for the 4 remaining days), on 5 separate, 4 hour 'days', spread out over two or three months, depending on your experience and ability. More sessions can be added if necessary.
Overall prices: £280 - £560 - £840. Excluding venue: see below.
This sliding scale is for low income - middle income - high income. For more info on my sliding scale see below.
I work from S7 this venue costs £25 for a 4hr block. If you have a calm space available (within easy reach of Sheffield), we can use that. See below* for more info.

The price band is income dependent. If even the lowest price is outside your currrent ability to pay, phone me and we can discuss a labour/time exchange. 
It is a sliding scale so you can pay other amounts, within the scale provided, based upon what you can afford and what you feel my time/this training is worth to you:
I'm open to skill sharing. I have a garden in need of love, creativity and hard graft.
The *cost of the venue is extra. Each 4 hours session is £25, excluding the first session which will be in a woodland in the Peak District National Park and then the 'venue' fee is £5 for petrol. Should you have a room/space that we could use that is calm and relaxing to work in, I'd be delighted to come to you, if you live within half an hours or so's, drive of me. Otherwise, lets discuss!!

If you are interested in exploring Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem please see the preparation paragraph at the end of this page.

For info on Seichem II and Masters, see the bottom of the page or:  Workshops Diary  Or call me on 07776091439.

Reiki and Seichem

What is Reiki?  

Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life force. In India its known as Prana, furthur East as Chi or Qi. Our western understanding of it has disappeared somewhere during the last few hundred years (quite possibly it went underground as a result of the Inquisition and the Burning of the Witches, anarchists, healers et al) but it is the energy that is enlivens everything. We in the west do know it through our language, as in 'I feel energised' or 'I feel drained of energy'. You are more than just your physical form, there is an electromagnetic field that surrounds you, your thoughts and feelings affect this field. This field determines the health and nature of your physical being. We take in life force through our food, our breath and we can learn to take it in directly from the atmosphere through practices such as Qi Gong. A healer is someone who has the ability to channel life force directly into you.

Receiving a Reiki healing is, at its simplest level, re-energising and revitalising. At its most powerful it can be a catalyst for life changing behaviour. A Reiki & Seichem healing session is the healthy antidote to our modern, high paced, stressful lives. 

What is Seichem?

If you were to consider Reiki as the Earth element, Seichem is a combination of the Earth element (Reiki) plus Air (Angeliclite), Fire (Sakara) and Water (Sophie-el). Putting these primary elements together creates a more whole experience. Whether you are in need of your batteries re-charging or are ready to make a shift in your life, a Reiki and Seichem Healing session will support you. I am a qualified Tera Mai Reiki Master and Seichem Master.

The Treatment.

A treatment consists of you sitting or lying down, fully clothed, I then protect us and open up to the healing energies of Reiki and Seichem. These energies move into your physical body and your energetic body surrounding you (your aura). For info on the other energies I work with click here. Previous clients report feeling incredibly calm and centred. Sometimes they report seeing lots of colours or going on meaningful journeys in their imaginations. At all times you are in control and can ask to have the session stopped.

Reiki and Seichem Attunements.

I am a Seichem Master / Teacher, having begun my training in 2000 concluding in 2003 with my Tera-Mai Seichem Master-Teacher qualification. This means I have trained to be able to pass on the ability to channel these energies. Working with them has transformed my life and supported me as I've taken an undreamed of journey in personal transformation. I run regular courses in the UK and sometimes abroad, please contact me for dates or click here. For preparation work I recommend prior to taking an Attunement, see the end of this page.

I work with the original six attunements in this system: (i.e. Reiki I, II & III and Seichem I, II & III). They slowly, in turn, raise your vibration. Each attunement initiates a clearing process, during which you have an opportunity to release your attachement to any out-moded, out-of-date behaviours and beliefs that are limiting you. With each ones comes and increasing ability to channel/tune into what I call cosmic energy, that unending source of love that surrounds us all, if only we'd let it in.

Please see the Workshops Diary to find out my latest workshop information.

Please email me or telephone me to discuss using Reiki or Seichem as a personal transformational tool or as part of your journey as a healer.

To book please phone me on 07776091439  or email me on

Reiki & Seichem I Attunement. £ Depends on when and where. Affordable to all. Call me.

Both Reiki I and Seichem I plus the Violet Flame Attunements. Class size: One-on-one. Prices and info at the top of this page.


Reiki & Seichem II Attunement for personal development only. (Seichem I as pre-requisite)

This includes: Reiki II, Seichem II and Yod Attunements, meditations and energy work exercises/practise: (For Professional Level see below). One-on-one. We will need a minimum of  3 x 4hr sessions together, you may wish to book in more. I like us to work together for at least the duration of the 21 day clearing cycle as this offers you support, time to check-in, re-connect and practise, as well as bedding in the work.

Cost on application.

Yod is the first initiation into the Egyptian Cartouche: a personal initiation to awaken the qualities inherent in the human soul.

Reiki & Seichem II and Yod Attunements for advancement as a Professional Healer

This includes: Reiki II, Seichem II and Yod Attunements, symbol work, distance healing, professional considerations, personal transformational requirements, client homework and reflection, post attunement telephone support as standard and additional support on request. Class size: One-on-one. We will need a minimum of  6 x 4hr sessions together, I may request you to book in more. I like us to work together for at least the duration of the 21 day clearing cycle as this offers you support during this time as well as bedding in the work. It will more likely be over 2 months.
 Cost on application.


One-on-one Reiki III & Seichem III Attunement. Information on request. (Seichem II as pre-requisite)

Includes Reiki III, Seichem III and an initiation into the Order of Melchizedik. For those who are using the Seichem pathway for personal development only. Phone me 07776091439 or email me. Price structure the same as for all other attunements. Number of sessions is dependent on your needs.

Inititiation into the Order of Melchizedik: connects the initiate to the Divine plan for planet earth and to the masters called in to do the initiations. It affects the nervous system and aids in grounding all healing work.

One-on-one Reiki & Seichem Masters Attunement. (Seichem II and history of client work as pre-requisite)

Reiki III/ Seichem III Attunement, Order of Melchizedik initiation, plus Teacher Training  for passing on the Reiki/Seichem I, II & III attunements. Work will be done in 4hr blocks. Length of training is very much dependent on clients existing skill set in healing. 5 sessions absolute minimum, for most people more. I expect you to be walking your talk. Phone me to discuss and book an individual healing session.

Preparation for a Reiki (or other) Attunement.

Ideally the following should be in place:

A daily awareness/mindfulness practice
. This can take decades to implement, let alone master, so starting is the key here.
Simply SIT. Be comfortable but if possible, sit upright so you don't fall asleep. Then observe. Thoughts, emotions, sensations. They will come and try and drag you off with or into them. But bring yourself back to the now, in your body, presence. For help/info search Mindfulness on the internet. The key is to  be non-judgemental and to stay present with yourself.

A circle of friends who you can share your experiences with. If you don't have any friends who are able to simply listen and not try to fix or tell you what to do... don't worry, you'll meet like-minded folk on the Attunement and we'll set up a Facebook Group so that you can support each other on your journey into you.
The Attunement will be lifting up stuff that you've long forgotten and this can be accompanied by strong emotions. If you're rather self critical (as I am) you may be interested in learning the basics of EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. I know some great practitioners. See the links page or phone me.

Healthy eating. There is no such thing as one diet for all of us. The trick is to tune in and listen to your body and let it tell you what it needs (not necessarily what it wants as bodies can easily become addicted to sugar, coffee, alcohol, relationships that dont serve us...etcetera!! So, when you start you'll just have to borrow someone elses idea of a healthy diet and take it from there. I recommend increasing the amount of vegetables you eat. I'm a fan of juicing, but plain, good old fashioned home cooking from scratch is by far and away the most direct way forwards. If you eat meat, please, please buy sustainable/ organic, well husbanded meat. From a supplier you can trust. Otherwise what you're eating is laden with suffering and adrenaline, which is pretty much the opposite direction to the one we're heading :-). Go round the organic section of a good store (I'm a fan of Beanies in Walkley area) and see what calls to you. Your body is your guide (on this journey of food and the rest!!). This is a great way to tune in.

How do you show yourself that you love yourself? For me its taking Aromatherapy baths, walking in nature, climbing rocks and trees, chilling with friends, movies that make me cry and connect to some of the emotions I find difficult to honour, romantic novels, listening to friends pour their hearts out. Sitting still, with nothing to do but just sit with myself. Giving myself a massage with my current fav essential oils. Hugging, I love hugging. Anything that makes me come back to myself. That brings me back to the present moment, helps me forget the story my mind is trying to tell me. Playing with little kids, stroking dogs, cats. Receiving a massage or some energy work. My list is huge... mainly cos I had a lot of stuff to clear and I need lots of tools to help me stay with the job. Make your whole life a list of things that show you how much you love yourself. After all, you're the one date you're gonna be with, right up until the very end, and maybe beyond!!

If you're feeling strong, by which I mean physically, emotionally and mentally and any other 'ally' you can think of.. you might be ready for some light cleansing. Check out thet 5-2 diet, its means basically eating very lightly 2 days out of 7 to give your systems a rest. Or try just having juices on a day when you've nothing much planned. If you're a novice... go lightly my friend. Throwing ourselves chaotically into deep cleansing without support structures in place can be unnecessarily stressful and counter productive in the medium term. Do the work that needs doing, so that we can then kick back and play and enjoy this life.

For more information why not give me a call? 0777 609 1439. I don't keep my ansaphone on, so if I dont answer, send me a text or email:

Go well. xx


A full treatment fee will be charged, at the discretion of the practitioner, in the event of a missed appointment or one cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.