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Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth "You owe me." 

Look what happens with love like that, it lights the whole sky.  Hafiz


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Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki by Jo Brierley of Sheffield

Price, Venues, Treatments List   

Prices: I want my work to be accessible. Yet this desire appears to be in conflict with my need to earn my living; pay for the venue, the oils; my ongoing professional and personal development; for Life!.
Subsequently, I decided to experiment with offering my work on a sliding scale. The wonderful news is that it has worked. People have come and worked with me and paid all  manner of rates. Some clients have paid higher when they have the cash and lower when they dont and up again etc. All in all, it's working for me and my clients and therefore it continues.
So, have a look at the suggested sliding scales below, then come and experience my work and decide then what you'll pay.
I feel my work has great value and I love doing it. For those of you that can afford to, please feel free to slide off the scale upwards.
For those of you who feel they can't afford my lower suggested price: phone me and make a suggestion, but know that I have to pay for the room; the Fair Trade and Organic oils I will be putting on your body; professional fees; continued professional training; National Insurance, Tax, Pension etc: and lots and lots of laundry. And thats before I've charged for my time!

Aromatherapy Treatments (with organic fair-trade aromatherapy oils)

1 hour .  Sliding Scale: £30 - £50 - £75

40mins bodywork. This is suitable for follow up treatments. I encourage clients to come with a clear idea of what they want from the massage, to help me create your essential oil blend efficiently, followed by a 'short' full body. If it is your first appointment, you will get around half an hours body work as there is an initial consultation to go through, I suggest you  take the 1 & 1/2hr  appointment.

1 & ½ hours.  Sliding Scale: £40 - £65 - £95

60mins bodywork. This includes an initial consultation; time to unwind and arrive. We will a blend of essential oils to  meet your needs, followed by a full body massage. 

Deep Relaxation: 2 hours.  Sliding Scale:  £50 - £80 - £115

This includes 60 - 75mins bodywork. The session focuses on relaxation and unwinding. There is time at the beginning to do the initial consulatation, identify the essential oils needed and for you to let go of your week. The 'long' full body massage is followed by some extra lie-in time on the couch offering you the opportunity to relax even more deeply. Much progress can be made in these moments.

Energy Work:  Reiki, Seichem and Shamanic Healing

1 hour .  Sliding Scale: £25 - £40 - £55

1 & ½ hours.  Sliding Scale: £35 - £55 - £75

2 hours .  Sliding Scale: £45 - £70 - £95

If you have time or cost limitations please make these very clear when you book and we will organise the appointments around it. Thanks x

You can be either seated or lying down. You remain fully clothed. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes.


Boddye Works, 673 Abbeydale Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield, S7 2BE.
Entrance on Arnside Road. There is free, time unlimited parking available on the side roads.


The full appointment fee will be charged, at the discretion of the practitioner, in the event of a missed appointment or one cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.