Aromatherapy, Massage and Healing by Jo Brierley from Sheffield

Jo Brierley

Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist & Healer

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Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth "You owe me." 

Look what happens with love like that, it lights the whole sky.  Hafiz


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Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki by Jo Brierley of Sheffield

Massage Information

Since the beginning of recorded time, we have used massage to release our aches and pains, ease our joints, relax our bodies & soothe our hearts and souls. Massage is great at addressing physical symptoms, it is also comforting, soothing, reassuring and enjoyable. If truely surrendered too, massage is a deeply intimate experience with your own self.

Some of the benefits of massage are:

  • A sense of well-being, a quiet mind and improved energy levels.
  • Fantastic for balancing our fast paced, stressful lives.
  • Deep relaxation, enabling the body to rest and repair itself.
  • Getting extra blood and energy to stuck/blocked/sore areas of your body. Where your body goes, so can your spirit.
  • Aids digestion, so is suitable for sufferers of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  • Aids the lymphatic system in the removal of toxins leaving improved skin and muscle tone, so it is suitable for those who want to support an exercise regime or who are undertaking a detox eg change of season cleanse.
  • Helps get you back into your body, really useful and necessary in this digital age.

I use a variety of styles of massage; but progressively smoother and more gentle these days. I have the knack of finding those tender / stuck areas and I've the skills to get them moving. 

I use Organinc and fairly traded Essential Oils to bring an extra layer of power and depth to my work, as they work deeply and subtley; helping you to let go into the massage and into life. 

As a Healer, I invite the All that Is, into my bodywork. This brings a deep connection to Life into your being, helping you on your journey

To book an appointment or speak to me call +44 777 609 1439

or Email:

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Cancellation Fees:             

  • up to 24 hours before the appointment: no fee.                       
  • 24 hours to 12 hours before the appointment: 10 fee              
  • 12 hours to 2 hours before the appointment: 15 fee        
  • between 2 hrs & the time of the appointment: 20 fee
If you have not arrived 15 minutes after your appointment time I will consider the appointment cancelled and there will be a fee of 20.
If you are running late, please do your best to let me know.